Extreme Makeover Home Edition Crawlspace Doctor

Crawlspace Doctor participates in

Extreme Home Makeover!

Crawlspace Doctor participated in an Extreme Home Makeover in Philo, Illinois. Participating in the project were Tom Saucier, Matt Deiters, Robert Wells, Chris Crow and Ron Warix. Crawlspace Doctor’s services helped the builders achieve Energy Star certification for this home. A great time was had by all.

The Story

On August 18, 2009 “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” traveled to Champaign County, IL to meet Nathan Montgomery who gave up a lucrative engineering career to start a charity that feeds hundreds of hungry families in his community. In just seven days, team leader Ty Pennington, his designers and hundreds of volunteers will rebuild the crumbling home of Nathan, his wife Jenny and their four children – providing them with comfort and security they now cannot afford for themselves.

Nathan was a promising young engineer on his way to a six-figure management position when he first began volunteering to help the needy. Realizing he wanted to pursue charity work full time, Nathan stepped off the fast track to launch Salt and Light, the philanthropic organization he leads as executive director. Nathan has seen the number of local families in need rise dramatically during the current economic crisis, and Salt and Light now feeds an average of 250 families each week.

The altruism of Nathan and Jenny, a middle school aide who works with special-needs children, has taken a heavy toll on the family living conditions. Since both of them now earn modest salaries, Nathan and Jenny have been unable to afford much-needed repairs to the family’s dilapidated 100-year home. The roof over their heads is falling apart, much of the siding is gone, and the brick foundation is crumbling, among other problems.

The Montgomerys feared that they would have to move out of their two-story house for safety reasons and no longer would be able to continue their vital community service. Nathan, Jenny and the kids – sons Ashton, 13, and Benjamin, 9, and daughters Addison, 5 and Lillian, 4 – will go on vacation to Walt Disney World while “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” transforms their home. Led by Ty Pennington, the team includes designers Michael Moloney, John Littlefield, Didiayer Snyder, local builder Brady Homes and community volunteers. The location address is: The Montgomery Family 407 N. Harrison, Philo, IL 61864